About the Painting

“My hope is that my painting “Light My Fire” can bring visual and emotional pleasure to people, and at the same time benefit deserving charities everywhere.”

Robby’s inspiration and love of painting began when he was introduced to art by his mom when he was a young child. She was an artist and taught Robby to appreciate the art of painting and how to paint.  

For this painting, “Light My Fire”,  Robby intuitively put down lots of bright colors in hues of reds and yellows in acrylic paint in an abstract, psychdelic form. Then, realizing he was seeing fire! He immediately thought that he should make this painting about his song “Light My Fire” and then began to incorporate the music notes from the actual song as its compositional focus. 

 The original painting of “Light My Fire” is currently displayed in Robby Krieger’s private recording studio, Horse Latitudes in Glendale, California.  This piece has been specially selected by Robby and the folks behind Art For A Cause to benefit charities because of its positive and soul-lifting California dreaming symbolism. Light My Fire is an appreciation of life, music and nature’s elements as portrayed by the painting’s bright fiery colors and upbeat visual stye. It’s like dancing on the beach, a visual musical experience of the sun setting onto the Pacific Ocean in Venice Beach, California.

How Robby Wrote the Song, “Light My Fire”:

We needed more songs, they had made a demo of maybe 6 songs before I was in the band including Moonlight Drive, Hello I Love You, End Of The Night, Little Game, My Eyes Have Seen You. Jim says, ” we need more songs … why don’t you guys write some, why do I have to do all the work?” I asked him for advice because I had never written lyrics before. He said to write about universal subjects, something the listener could interpret in his or her own way. The very next day I sat down to write and decided to write some music first and then put the words to it. The trouble with those songs on the demo was that they all kind of sounded the same music wise. The lyrics were great, but the songs only had 2 or 3 chords.

Krieger_Light My Fire

I decided to write a song with every chord I could think of. When you hear “Light My Fire” it sounds pretty simple, but that song may have more chords in it than any rock song, I believe. I decided to use some flat and sharp chords, it’s unheard of to use these chords in rock. But after I put the Bach Organ on those chords, it was so cool that Producer Paul Rothchild had the idea to start the song with it. We then said, “let’s put it at the end too!” Now I needed some words, and since Jim had said to write about universal subjects, I immediately thought of earth, fire and water. I love The Stones song “Play With Fire”, so I chose fire. I don’t know how long it took me to come up with “Light My Fire”, but it wasn’t too long. I thought that’s perfect because Jim said you can interpret it in different ways. It could mean you turn me on, or it could mean light my joint or cigarette, or as a meditated friend said to me, “I know what Light My Fire means, you’re talking about the fire that burns eternally in the 3rd eye chakra, right?” I said, exactly! Jim then added the part about the funeral pyre (needed a little death in there) and that was it!